Branding Visuals & Message Consistently

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Branding is More than a Logo

…but a logo is a great place to start. Remember that the logo represents your company, product and story, but don’t try to tell a complex story with it. Quick identification and differentiation is the goal.


Branding Style Guide

I’ve worked on branding and style guides for Thomas Nelson, LifeWay, Universal Studios and others. A style guide helps keep your brand consistent throughout all the different situations and various people that will represent your brand.



Let's Build Your Brand

Impact Stewardship hired me to create their logo, color scheme, and overall branding elements. Since that time, working with the Creative Director, the brand has been extended further to pocket folders, print brochures, and their website.

Besides Style Guides, I can work with you to keep your brand consistent across digital and traditional advertising, website, trade show display, print collateral and more.