Presenting the best you, you can offer.

I’m seeing a trend where it is just as important that you manage and promote your personal brand, as it is your own company’s brand. That’s one of the reasons I revived It serves as my personal website, while I use for my business. Ultimately, I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me.

I have designed so many different things in my career, it’s not even funny. The mistake I’ve been making is, when talking with prospective new clients and even prospective new employers, I tried showing them exactly what I designed for comparable businesses in their industry. In some cases, it’s been a few years since I’ve designed for that exact type of client. I’ve done branding for LifeWay, Thomas Nelson, Universal Studios, and many others. What I’ve come to realize is, even though my designs were cutting edge at the time, it is not viewed in historical context. Instead, the person compares it to today’s trends.

So, I redesigned my business and personal website. Even though I’ve designed toy packaging, magazine design, and online applications, I’m only showing my most recent work. The market has spoken. The market wants fresh, young, new, [insert adjective here]. Since it has been a while since I’ve landed certain projects, I’m better off to only show new design that follows current trends and verbally mention how my experience will help.

If your company would benefit from a marketer, designer, creative team leader with experience and a strong portfolio, feel free to contact me. I’ve got fresh ideas, tons of motivation, a great attitude, front-end and responsive design skills, as well as traditional design and marketing skills.