I learned from Joel Anderson and David Thomas about how to celebrate employee hard work and victories. When you worked a ridiculous amount of extra hours to save the day for a client, design something extraordinary, and make money for the company, you were awarded with the ATD Puppy. This “puppy” was an illustration of a crazy dog face cut out with hand-written comments from the owners, plus an extra day off.

When I try to think back if this was appreciated by me or not…Well, to answer that, I was able to walk over to a folder in my office and pull out these. If I still have them, they must mean something to me.


This past spring I had an excellent intern from MTSU, Faisal Mashat. Faisal really got a lot from his internship because he put in a lot. He contributed to a rebranding, responsive email templates, a website, print collateral, and a video. I really enjoyed having him here. He was able to quickly get a job in his home country of Saudi Arabia. I wish Faisal and his family great success. I don’t have a puppy to give him, but I’m happy to award him with a Certificate of Excellence for his work with me.