Having Your Own Voice

What makes something creative? What is uniquely you, that only you bring to the table? Clients and customers will find it easier to choose you or reject you if you present a unique perspective. When several companies present the same service, the same way, price is the only differentiator. That’s bad positioning.

Many times creativity is about trying new things. A couple of years ago, my son discovered dubstep and created this presentation with a friend. I love the guy outside the window looking in. (If you are short on time, the pay off is at about 1:15.)

Uniqueness is a combination of your message and presentation. Again, my son, Jordan, really went counter-culture, at least “Nashville” counter-culture. Country music heralds the virtues of being drunk by the creek bank, in your pickup, or on a plane. My son’s message for his 8th grade friends was Drunk is Bad. (Feel free to jump to 1:00 or 1:54.)

I don’t know what product or business my son will create, but I’m confident he’ll present it from a unique perspective. You’ll either want it or hate it. He’ll force you to have an opinion, without altering his.

Jordan took a class, Brezinka for Beginners, taught by Wayne Brezinka, who is an incredible collage artist. Wayne is what I’d call, museum good. The adults in the class created some cool stuff, but Wayne got a kick out of Jordan because he was experimental, less precise and literal, and downright messy. Below are the two pieces he created in the two days.

Don’t let the fact that you are an adult, stop you from trying new things. If you are involved in marketing, you have had to try new things by now. But don’t just try new mediums, find your unique voice and express it with creativity.

Jordan-Thatcher-Apple-Collage Jordan-Thatcher-Flying-Car-Collage