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How could Tennessee spend $46K on this logo? Here’s how.

First off, I don’t know any inside information from the state or GS&F. However, having run an agency and worked at a couple, here are principles to understand about logo design.
Principle 1: The client affects the cost more than they realize.
Principle 2: Clients make revisions that sometimes remove the original thought put into it.
Principle 3: Generic is the new cutting edge.
Principle 4: Legal usage affects cost.

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Costco, way to rock the gas buying experience and employing someone to care about the details that matter to customers.

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User Experience at the Gas Pump

Have you noticed that when you buy gas that the user experience at the pump varies wildly? As a graphic designer, user experience has become hugely important. It’s not just how something is designed (user-interface), but also the user experience that matters.... read more

Intern[al] Praise

I learned from Joel Anderson and David Thomas about how to celebrate employee hard work and victories. When you worked a ridiculous amount of extra hours to save the day for a client, design something extraordinary, and make money for the company, you were awarded... read more

Let your resume, colleagues, and clients speak for your experience, but only show your most recent design work. While past work may have been perfect for the situation, it will usually be judged by current trends and standards.

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Personal Branding

Promoting your own personal brand has become as important as your business’s brand. That’s one of the reasons I revived

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Wedding Photographer Tryout

I’ve worked with some great photographers like Michael Gomez, Dan Klepper, and Dean Dixon. I’m the art director. They are the photographer. It’s such a great collaboration. Now, because I’ve spent time with these guys, I’ve actually... read more

Thatcher Design

Thatcher Design was established in January 2000. In 2012, I started MagneticVerb, initially as a replacement for Thatcher Design. MagneticVerb is still alive and well as a marketing + design consultancy. At the same time, I have to admit…

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